Green Biofuels Ireland - Creating Positive Energy



  • Established 2004.
  • Amalgamation of farming and business interests.
  • Located quay side, New Ross, Co. Wexford.
  • Facility produces 30,000 tonnes biodiesel per annum meeting EU Biodiesel Quality Standard (EN 14214/2010)
  • Second generation biodiesel manufactured from biodegradeable wastes with no food V’s Fuel concerns.
  • Capital expended: €23m.
  • High quality biodiesel supplied to Irish consumers via major indigenous oil distributors
  • Renewable fuel produced by a chemical reaction (trans-esterification) using animal oils, waste cooking oils and alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. Fertiliser and glycerine are produced as by products
  • Biodiesel can be manufactured from a large number of different feedstocks.
  • Biodiesel is as efficient as fossil diesel in powering unmodified diesel engines.
  • There are no process wastes, catalyst is recovered as a fertiliser. Water and methanol used in the process are recovered and recycled.
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