Green Biofuels Ireland - Creating Positive Energy


Green Biofuels Ireland Ltd. was founded when a group of farmers and business people came together to develop environmentally friendly, renewable, high quality biofuel for the domestic and export markets.

We are proud to be Ireland’s first and largest commercial-scale biodiesel processing plant.

Our first batch of biodiesel was successfully produced in 2008.

A major advantage of GBI biodiesel is that it is produced from multi-feed stock. This means that it is made from waste products such as oils and fats as well as oilseed crops. This is referred to as second generation biofuel production.

Based in New Ross, Co. Wexford, our world class, state of the art processing plant is built for the future, allowing us to increase our capacity 100% in the coming years and to develop new innovations in the biofuels field.

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