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Here you can find the latest news and features relating to Biofuels and the biofuels industry. Creating positive energy and delivering our products with sustainability and to the highest standards.

Fueling your car on Irish algae,

Fueling your car on Irish algae

Within 15 years, Irish drivers will be filling up their vehicles with biofuel made from Irish grown algae. Read More

Tesco Cabra – The Green Grocers

Tesco Ireland is becoming a greener grocer as more and more of its stores incorporate more and more energy-saving elements. Indeed, Tesco’s new Cabra store in Dublin can boast of being Ireland’s first zero-carbon supermarket. CIAN MOLLOY reports. Read More

Green Biofuel Ireland has reached 100 million litres of biodiesel sales

Green Biofuel Ireland has reached 100 million litres of biodiesel sales

Green Biofuels (GBI) commenced production in July 2008 and has developed its business year on year focusing on domestic and UK sales. Initially GBI exported all of its output into the UK and Europe by road and sea transport.

GBI domestic sales were developed with government support, through the introduction of the Energy Act 2010 incorporating the biofuel obligation mandate where Irish distributors are obliged to blend 4% biofuel into their road fuel distribution network.

GBI has worked closely with Irish and UK distributors to ensure compliance with government mandates using top quality, sustainable, second generation biodiesel. GBI was been independently audited by the ISCC and is fully compliant with EN14214 and Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC.

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